Would you want to do this on your drive?

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Would you want to do this on your drive?

Post by DEVON.DAVE on Mon 3 Aug - 9:11

I was doing some work at a main stealer in Cornwall last week, and noticed this. This is whats needed to replace the Air Con Pump or the Power Steering Pump. when you look closer, youll see that its not just the engine has to come out, its the box and complete front suspension. Its removed on a special lift which everything aligns with pre aligned points, so that when it goes back, all the geometry is in line.
Not the type of job you could do out in the road in the rain So next time your struggling with that rusty bolt............


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Re: Would you want to do this on your drive?

Post by kooldubs on Mon 3 Aug - 15:56

bring it on

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