engines and bits..and a bus.

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engines and bits..and a bus.

Post by kooldubs on Sun 31 Jan - 10:13

ok then...here we have for a sale...
1.9 df...head gasket went had the head taken off and skimmed and pressure tested, the mechanic put it back together again and snapped a head stud. so now has the head off ..i will sell complete ready to rebuild for £150..or i will break it for parts...

also have a 1.9dg does run but only running on 3 cylinders, seems like a jammed valve...
i will sell complete for £200 or again break for parts....

i have a 4 speed petrol box, it was mated to the df engine, it is in good working condition, selects all gears fine. £150.

south african front grill ..one of the inner lights has discoloured, so looks rusty inside, but they both do work, no damage to grill (new they are Euros 270..) sell for £150.

the green caravelle i will sell for £800..
the porsche seats will stay with the van and the alloys i have put on to it.which are 15 inch allesio`s ( mercedes i think).it will either come with your choice of caravelle rear triple and middle double seats, or the camping interior out of our caravelle..not great but presentable and usable..with a swivel buddy seat
and if you want them i will leave the front opening 1/4 light windows in place, or i will slightly reduce the price and keep them..this is a solid bus for someone..this van is worth that in bits alone..1.9dg and 5 speed box...is worth?.i drove this van from essex to plymouth without fault, runs like a dream...so for a £800 you get the lot.
and as i have dropped the price by £200 i am keeping the chrome bumpers and replacing with black as new steel ones
a set of black metal running bars for the side of your van, these originaly came of Elvis`s doka..
paid £50 want £50...

a set of as new zinc plated rear brake plates, i paid £50 for a powder coated second hand set...so i will sell these for £60, they wont rust....

an original set of brown devon front seats, ideal for the retro look...£30

a few sets of petrol clocks..£35 a set

set of 4 steel wheels...good tyres £40..the set

dash board..£30

engine hatch covers £10 each..

and various other odds and sodds...

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