Syncro doka

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Syncro doka

Post by futbus on Fri 12 Jun - 9:19

My Doka which was bought from Sweden and driven back with a few issues. We then changed a few bits like the wheel and tyre combo, rear tristar windows, seats and rear belts. Is due for a new VC soon when I get time, and free off the rear diff lock as only have a front working at the mo. It`s had new porsche cv`s up back with new inner and outers fitted up front with a 288mm vented brake kit and rear disc kit due soon.

Also due for an engine change to a 20v turbo which hopefully be installed in the next couple of months.

Engine shows the n/a 20v but gives the gist of what we will have in the back with the turbo lump.

Leaves lots of room for the charge cooler to fit in the nearside rear light area. ECU being sent off next week with the wiring to get rid of the immobiliser and clocks, so hope to progress this into the van soon.


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For sale ?

Post by scottyinsw on Mon 19 Apr - 11:25

dave is this the one you might sell? Shocked
Is it a lefty?
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