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hi from weymouth Empty hi from weymouth

Post by T5 WOB on Wed 13 Jan - 8:07

hi i have been around vw for 35 yrs now had split buses x2 one gt beetle one 72cabbrio karrman beetle. 69 dulux bug 2 golfs one of the frist new lhd new beetles .2 T3 one tdi caddie van one t4 westie and now t5 calie reg t5 wob . allways at show got banned from t4forum as jimbo is a twat got shot of 12 best guys on there .now a big player on kerb$ide ku$toms .invite only vw forum mostly all the guys that are banned on the t4 borum.all best martin .



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hi from weymouth Empty Re: hi from weymouth

Post by scottyinsw on Sat 16 Jan - 11:15

Hello and welcome Very Happy

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